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The idea behind Pocket Money Trader is a simple one; we test trading tools, methods and strategies aimed at the beginner trader – specifically those that have a small amount of start-up capital to invest, to see if these trading tools, methods and strategies actually work.

We risk our money on the ever-growing online trading niche; be that testing trading signals, Electronic Assistants (or Bots), trade alerts and scripts, in the Forex, Binary Options, CFD’s, Stocks and shares.

There’s never been a better time to try your hand at making an additional passive income online, but the average person would be forgiven in thinking that to do so is akin to swimming with sharks.

We’ve had our fingers burnt (or bitten if we are using the swimming with sharks analogy above) testing various trading methods that regularly ‘pop up’ in Facebook ads, emails, clever marketing and the like. You know the kind we mean we imagine?

Usually, the trading advertisement will be for an automatic trading robot (EA) or a trader signals alert service or a snazzy YouTube video of a new trading site, service, alert or robot being ‘tested’ by one of the ‘super’ trading affiliates, who never seem to post videos of losses, or in fact how their newly created broker account that they have been forced to join in order to receive the aforementioned trading service for some reason doesn’t ‘sync’ with the online trading broker.

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